Hi there,

I’d like to thank you for visiting my portfolio page and for your consideration of my previous work.

This page will give you a glimpse into the designs I’ve created over the years: From interactive content pieces, branding and animated web design to illustration, typography & print work.

This is split into sections of each main design discipline, displaying projects and pieces with details alongside for your interest.

Digital Designs

Above – Animated Data Visualisation for Dynatrace – Re-Engaging Lapsed Interest for a Virtual Covid-safe Networking Event
Copywriting, planning & building the project in Ceros



  • Strong experience with any & every sort of online/marketing/digital creation including infographic data visualisation, parallax elements, development wireframes.
  • Sole designer digitally producing, coordinating and publishing Decor & Design magazines every 2 months alongside multiple web-based PR & Wholesale catalogues.
  • Entire build of our Interior Blog Awards websites (2016-2019), initial branding to managing the visual representation each year, mainly via WordPress.
  • Management of many CMS & HTML systems including creative control of site & landing page builds, Sales, & onsite homepages – Key touch-points in the user’s journey.
  • The forecasting & creation of viral moodboards for seasonal launches & press events (such as Maison et Objet trend & trade shows).
  • Strong experience with many digital creation platforms such as Amplience, Ceros & ZMags along with Conversant and Facebook Ads for PPC. Currently learning Invision and seeking more UX courses.


  • Consistent, high-quality & fluid themes and branding from start to finish with each campaign.
  • Vast increase of conversion rate, site visits & social media engagement.
  • Ultimately, cementing Amara into the forefront of the online homewares industry – No matter the platform or channel.

See below for some YouTube-based examples of digital video designs:
Animated Data Visualisation for Dynatrace – Re-Engaging Lapsed Interest

An Introduction to Amara
Student Interior Designer Of The Year
DIY Christmas Advent Calendar

Print Work


  • The proposal and complete ideation of our customer-facing magazines – I continue to design these bi-monthly; configuring the contents for each territory, collaborating with all teams across the business and managing the print jobs with external suppliers.
  • Sole designer of our world-renowned Interior Blog Awards – Branding and creating from 2014-present including invitations, brochures, signage, presentations, website management and the physical awards.
  • I manage and maintain the order inserts and all packaging for each customer – The order inserts are our tri-fold booklets containing dynamic, intuitive marketing content alongside key transactional & returns info as a branded ‘cherry on the top’ of their experience with Amara and a visual reminder in their hand.
  • Monumental product catalogues, inspirational printed & digital lookbooks and countless content pieces for Amara’s marketing and editorial campaigns.


  • Edition #1 of our magazines proved to be a roaring success. By Edition #3, we were generating £100k of sales from the magazines and saw a rise in customer retention by 46% from a humble £2k print run. Most recently, my magazines have undergone a redesign; an increase to 44+ pages and growing from A5 from A4, ‘Decor & Design’ is now published on Issuu and Readly. Always an incredibly time-sensitive task, I built our latest edition in 3 days, compared to the 3 months previously assigned to our magazines.
  • The Interior Blog Awards have only ever grown in popularity and success with the branding and visuals always highly commended by guests and sponsors. Social coverage each year proves the campaigns are undeniably unparalleled from style and design points of view.
  • Since implementation of our order inserts, we regularly receive so much positive feedback in customer surveys regarding the in-order communications, particularly praising the design and personalisation, securing ‘lifelong, repeat customers’ for Amara.

Product Design


  • Designing to an open brief, concept development and holding focus groups.
  • Managing the relationships between our stakeholders, investment and production.
  • Typography & illustrations – Either created digitally or hand-produced designs then vectorised.


  • Every item I’ve produced over the years has sold through entirely – Eye masks proved a ‘viral’ success on social media &
  • were rated an iBest Buy.
  • My candle designs represent the company via corporate gifting strategies and are a staple in many hotels.
  • Towels affiliated with Real Madrid C.F. following a large VIP order.

Event Designs


  • The branding and creation of Christmas campaigns along with the branding, stationery and signage for PR events. I am currently planning our buying strategy for 2021 Christmas along with the branding & visual approach!
  • Branding of all events such as the Amara Sample Sale, corporate functions and quirky PR &/or staff parties.
  • For our Christmas 2018 approach, I worked with a video production team and a grant from YT to storyboard our advertising campaign via YouTube bumper ads – Creating a tier of options to suit available budgets and desired outcomes.


  • Consistent, high-quality & fluid themes and branding from start to finish with each campaign.
  • High attendance to each PR event resulting in invaluable press coverage each season.
  • Solid, reliable relationships with various print houses and suppliers.

You can view the YT advertising campaigns here:
Create a Show-Stopping Dinner Party this Autumn.
Create a Show-Stopping Christmas at Home.

Brand Campaigns

A snapshot including some of the brands and corporations I have produced or managed creative campaigns & collaborations for:

& Personal Development

DBS passed & consent gained to use these photographs.

  • Annually, I utilise my volunteer days to support a local school – See photos of their recent careers day above. Lots of eye masks were created!
  • I’ve voluntarily attended 10+ SVC professional development courses over the past few years.
  • I’m proud to hold a certification for Mental Health First Aid Lite. I am also Work Level 3 (VTQ) – EFAW First Aid trained and passed my 3rd refresher on 19th August 2020.
  • Each month, I edit & proof-read the online publication, Inspire Magazine.

Off The Wall!

I’ve had the pleasure of designing many weird and wonderful things over the years of working both for Amara and freelance – Including a fleet of racecars for Le Mans 24hr and festival wristbands, cricket bats, gold-foiled masquerade invitations, downloadable guides and entire wedding suites. Pitching my new ideas is something I’m incredibly familiar with, including presenting to the ops board/investors!

Something in particular that I’m still incredibly proud of – I launched the idea of a Wellbeing focus to Amara’s HR department in 2017.
100 Days of gym class tasters, mindfulness introductions, visits from healthcare professionals and a heightened awareness of staff wellbeing in general followed. For this, I designed and hand-produced 100 booklets in-house; the contents completely brought from inception to completion by myself.


In my spare time, I love to support small businesses, charities and individuals around the world through my blog. Despite having a small platform, I feel you can still make a worthy impact.


Thank you again for visiting my portfolio page!