Here’s how Covid-19 is changing the design world…

Here’s how Covid-19 is changing the design world…

Covid-19 is changing the design world and I really do feel it’s for the better. We’re having to transform as designers and flex our versatility and willingness to adapt – All whilst still getting some enjoyment out of life & being ‘creatives’! I’m focusing on the positive changes, how businesses and designers are spinning the negativity into something much more productive…

By now, we’re all well aware that Covid-19 has changed our world immeasurably. That’s a thought which fills me with SO much panic and anxiety… Which is why I’m trying to channel some positive vibes and focus on the good things the pandemic has lead us to. In particular, I’ve gathered my thoughts around how the design world has changed due to Covid-19 and put together 3 examples to share with you. Many brands, businesses and products have had to transform throughout the pandemic and so here’s just a glimpse:

The ability to adapt to
any fields of endeavor.


Versatility & Transformation

Whilst some media publications paused their printed output, many digital platforms saw their opportunity to thrive.

Regardless of if you’re a design-minded individual like me, the media is a sure-fire way to observe how Covid-19 is changing the design world.

TimeOut transformed. Becoming ‘TimeIn’, this temporary shift ensured their readers continued to be provided with wonderful things to do, regardless of the pandemic. Whoever was responsible for that marketing idea deserves a medal! If you fancy reading more about why and how they did this, click here.

Showing versatility and shifting with the times is something I’ve seen quite a few online media publications take part in, including Refinery29 and throughout both Sheerluxe and Stylist Magazine’s e-shots.


Pivoting Negatives
into Positives

It’s your birthday. A party of 6 (and 6 only!) have arrived presenting a delicious cake!
The candles are lit and you’re about the blow them all out…

Enter a cake SHIELD which tackles this hideous fact from Clemson University in the USA… ‘Blowing out birthday candles increases bacteria on a cake by 1,400%’. ACTUAL VOM!

Granted this one feels like a real novelty, but I just love how it’s enabling us to still enjoy the fun stuff amidst all the Corona crappiness. Top It are making the best of a bad time and gaining some very impressive media traction on their way.

I had the pleasure of talking with the creators of the Top It Cake Shield a few weeks ago – They’re currently taking preorders onsite and plan to start shipping around the 15th October. Whilst that sucks for us September babies, the virus doesn’t seem to be going anywhere just yet meaning the Top It Cake Shield is a worthy, reusable and easy-to-sanitise investment.


A Willingness to
Adapt & Adjust

Slip is a wonderful brand creating the softest, most luxurious silk pillowcases, bedding and hair accessories. With a strong online presence, chances are you’ve seen them featured in the likes of Grazia, Vogue, Poosh and Goop to name a few. Covid-19 has presented Slip with a fantastic opportunity to adapt. In response to the recent guidelines around face coverings, they’ve begun creating masks out of their wondrous Slipsilk fabric:


The message I’d love for you to take from this post is that whilst negativity is rife and there are plenty of things that 2020 has thrown our way… Creativity and design prevail.

Perhaps even more than before, new designs are emerging and companies are adapting. I personally find it really reassuring that something so awful can be pivoted and positivity can be forged from all the hideous negatives we’ve seen.

I leave you with the following design. You ought to save this to your desktop or camera roll as a reminder that the sentiment easily transcends from business into your day-to-day life.

A pandemic like this has never EVER happened before and no one has the answers yet. The best you can do is work with what you’ve got, and not panic if things don’t feel “right” (whatever that’s supposed to feel like these days anyway).

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It pretty much goes without saying there are hoards of other brands, products and individuals who are proving the pandemic will not slow their success. I’d absolutely love to hear which ones you have in mind so do drop me a message or leave a comment below.

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