5 Sites For Your Dose Of Design Inspiration

5 Sites For Your Dose Of Design Inspiration

Having a notebook bursting with design inspiration and enthusiasm for a particular task is a great feeling… But what if you’ve been given a brief and you’re just not too sure where to begin?
You’ll be pleased to hear I’ve rounded up 5 of my favourite online destinations. As a creative professional, I like to think I’m fairly savvy with knowing where to look for a dose of design inspiration and, thankfully, my mind is always full to the brim with ideas – BUT, there’s always room for more ideas, right?!

For alllll the design inspiration you need to nail that project brief, have a read of my 5 picks below.
(Feel free to suggest any of your favourite sites in the comments too!)



Adobe’s Colour Wheel

If you’re a designer and you haven’t yet heard of or used Adobe’s colour wheel, you’re in for a treat! This funky tool helps you to create colour schemes. You can compare how well colours go together, change up the dials and develop your palette. There’s also a range of options where the software will select complementary colours, shades and more. Give it a whirl (geddit?)



Logo Gala

Designing a logo? Look no further. Use the colour filters to narrow down the results and flick through the pages of logo inspo. With the site boasting hundreds of ideas and examples, it won’t be long ‘til you’re brimming with ideas for your own project!




This site is a forever expanding feed of design showcase examples, inspirational images and typography gorgeousness. Click on a tile and it’ll bring up details about the designer, related pieces and also a mini palette of colours used in that piece – Handy! Check out Designspiration.



Pinterest (of course)

Let’s face it, Pinterest was bound to appear on this list at some point! I’ll happily confess to being a Pinterest-addict. I often find it can help to start a fresh project off by setting up a private board and pinning your design inspiration for the task. Then, if you hit a creative block later down the line, you can hop back into that board and remind yourself of what inspired you at the very start.



Design Milk

Now, this one isn’t necessarily just for finding design inspiration. Design Milk has been bookmarked in my browsers for as long as I can remember. It doesn’t take long to find a fresh article which interests you and there’s such a variety of topics from interiors and style to travel and tech. Design Milk also release desktop wallpapers to ensure you’ve always got a boost of design inspiration from the moment you log on to your computer.


Please pleeeeease always give credit to designers and creatives alike if you have used their artwork for design inspiration.
It’s important to do so to avoid any complications which may occur if you’ve been quite influenced by their work (obviously don’t copy it – Just be inspired and encouraged by their work!).

It’s also lovely as a designer to hear that your work has inspired someone else. I distinctly remember creating a series of detailed octopus paintings and sketches. I was later told my pieces had inspired a younger student who didn’t particular like being creative. He had been captivated by one of the octopus paintings and sat in his art lesson for two hours with mine infront of him whilst trying to create a transcript of it. Such a lovely thing to hear and clearly something I’ve never forgotten!

If you’re dabbling with the idea of launching into a creative career, have a read of the post where I shared 5 things you should know before becoming a creative professional!

Where do you head to for design inspiration? Are you an avid pinner too?! Leave any recommendations and questions below…

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