5 Things: Lockdown Listening

5 Things: Lockdown Listening

Times are weird, Lockdown has got us holding on to what we remember as ‘normality’. Which is why I’ve gathered some familiar songs to keep spirits up. Whether you’re singing along or they just give you a laugh, I hope it takes your mind off of the current global situation for a few moments. Enjoy your lockdown listening… 

Certain songs have been rattling around my head recently. Lockdown is weird, sleep is nigh impossible and our heads are overwhelmed. sometimes you need to be told what to play, so there’s one less thing to even think about.

These particular songs sum up a stage of lockdown for me. I hope you’ll have a laugh listening to them or just enjoy something other than the BBC News theme tune for a change. I’ve included a mix of songs in the following 5. There’s uplifting tracks from the past and a few which are just weirdly humorous in this strange time.

Enjoy some lockdown listening!

#1 Lockdown Listening Track

Katrina and The Waves – Walking on Sunshine – Click here to play this song.
I helped my teacher sister record a video for her students. This was the song and you just KNOW it’s one you’ll end up having stuck in your head. Given that everyone seems to be walking everywhere recently, and the glorious sunshine we’ve been lucky to have it feels only right to include this.

#2 Lockdown Listening Track

The Police – Don’t Stand So Close To Me – Click here to play this song.
A song which I feel everyone should have taken more seriously looooong ago… Ironic now and still so damn catchy. Before, during and after lockdown, please don’t stand so blooming close to me.

#3 Lockdown Listening Track

Simple Plan – I’m Just A Kid – Click here to play this song.
A certified banger from the 00s which absolutely sums up lockdown life… In the words of Simple Plan, “I’m just a kid and life is a nightmare”.

#4 Lockdown Listening Track

Coldplay – A Sky Full of Stars – Click here to play this song.
I’ll gladly admit I love a bit of Coldplay. I actually struggled to pick just one of their tracks for entry #4.

A Sky Full of Stars is a beautiful song and a gentle reminder to turn your glance skywards. With hopefully less light pollution where you are and a lot of astronomical moments to look forward to (meteor showers, full moons, spring equinox), the sky really is full of stars.

I originally chose Don’t Panic – Simple (yet hard-hitting) lyrics and a melancholy melody, this particular track from their 2000 studio album Parachutes feels a tad ahead of its time. To me, it’s not a happy song by any means, which is why I decided to drop it. But it certainly shares a message everyone needs to hear right now. If you fancy watching the music video, it only furthers the song’s meaning.

#5 Lockdown Listening Track

Bob Marley & The Wailers – Three Little Birds – Click here to play this song.
Cliché? Yes. Feel free to hate me for this one. But sometimes, the only way to get through is reminding yourself that ‘every little thing is gonna be alright’. Lockdown and otherwise in life.

I know these sorts of posts aren’t usually what you can expect to see on my blog but I figure we all need a bit of boosting at the moment. If you enjoyed this, you can look forward to a few more music-related round-ups I have coming soon.

What have you been listening to recently? Are there any songs stuck in your head?
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