5 Things: Wall Art Pieces I LOVE from RiseArt

5 Things: Wall Art Pieces I LOVE from RiseArt

RiseArt is one of the easiest places online I have discovered to select contemporary wall art and prints. With expert opinions and prestigious pieces from fabulous artists, it won’t be long before you’re adding so many to your wishlist or buying a new piece for your collection. I’ve gathered 5 of my favourite pieces of wall art spotted on RiseArt recently. Check out just why I love these pieces and the artists behind the work…

Bring the outside in

Invite nature into your space to boost your productivity and for a touch of botanical inspiration. Combine natural aspects with striking design and you’re on to a winning style.

This piece is for sale: £1,250 by Peter Hawkins.

Countless Moons, countless planets, countless stars

It’s no secret that I absolutely love Rob Ryan’s work. This beautiful piece features the following words which I ADORE: “Countless moons circle countless planets and countless planets circle countless stars.
Stars and galaxies rotate eternally and you and I circle each other for you are my universe entirely and I will always be yours”.

Whilst this piece isn’t currently available, you can still explore Rob Ryan’s other pieces of artwork for sale at RiseArt.

Diversity in the City

Add a powerful touch to your space with this print – Perhaps suited to an office or study, the design is conducive to a burst of inspired, fully-focused working. A perfect piece to evoke thought but not to overpower the mind entirely, the black and white circular piece is a reminder to stay present and unique in such a vast, bustling world of uniformity.

This piece is for sale: £380 by Sylvia Moritz.

Striking typography lust

Another Artist I really admire is Archie Proudfoot – His love of sign painting and embellishing artwork with perfected details is the product of his time devoted to developing the skills of the trade. The devotion to this trade is so clear in his perfectly executed designs. This striking ‘HOT’ piece is the perfect balance between traditional signwriting and contemporary typography and I’d personally LOVE it hanging on my wall.
There’s an awesome docu film (made by Confessions Of A Design Geek) about Archie and his processes here.

This piece by Archie Proudfoot is yours for £950.

The Need for Tranquility

From the moment I first discovered Goodhall’s work many years ago whilst studying human form, I’ve always loved and admired his hyper-realistic waterscape work. Perfectly capturing motion whilst conveying the calm and stillness is a real feat to have mastered so wonderfully. Goodhall’s tranquil artwork would lend itself to any interior situation – Especially one demanding a dose of peace.

Fallen in love? Great news – This piece is for sale: £5,000 by Peter Goodhall.

I absolutely love when a company gives back a little something to the community when they themselves benefit from a sale.
If you’re like me, you’ll love this…
Whenever RiseArt receive an order, they supply an art kit to a child in hospital via Art for Care – If that isn’t another reason to check them out, I don’t know what is.
To read more on this awesome scheme, click here.

This post is not affiliated with RiseArt at all, honest! I just really love all of their pieces and the awesome artists they support. It’s also worth noting the pieces which are listed above as ‘for sale’ were available at the time of writing this post. Take a look around their website and you’ll find yourself lusting over a new piece in no time!

Did any pieces catch your eye? Let me know in the comments! I’m always on the lookout for new wall art!

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