5 Things You MUST Remember For Winter Workouts

5 Things You MUST Remember For Winter Workouts

When a cold snap hits, it can wreak havoc with your winter workout plans. Stay on top form during the colder months and keep your health up whilst everyone else grinds to a halt! You absolutely do not have to hit pause on your exercise plans when the weather takes a turn for the worse. Here are my 5 all-important tips for working out in the winter…

Firstly, go you! You’re here reading this post which I can only presume means you work out during the winter (or you’re going to give it a whirl).

Welcome to the winter workout club. It’s a world where we’ve all endured chapped lips, wind-scalded cheeks and numb toes in the name of winter exercise. But, don’t let me put you off because working out in the winter is really great! You just have to be prepared and, ultimately, sensible.
I might be just a little bit mad but I think there’s something extra-specially empowering knowing you dragged yourself out of the cosy, warm house or away from your desk when the daylight was dwindling at 4pm PURELY to exercise during winter.

It’s super crucial to stay healthy and safe during these chilly exercise sessions so, if you’re ditching the “bad weather” excuses, make sure you’re properly prepared for another winter workout!

Remember the essentials

Keep your phone and any medications with you just incase. The cold weather worsens asthma – That can be seriously bad news if you’re a sufferer like me! Those with circulatory problems should also take extra care during a cold snap. Be sure to wear a lightweight arm pocket for only your most essential items. Stash heat and ice compress packs, bandages and antiseptic solutions in your car or bag incase you slip or fall during your workout.


Stay dry, no matter the weather

Never underestimate how important it is to stay warm and dry whilst doing a winter workout. You can absolutely take my word for it that frostbitten toes are NOT fun. Opt for workout wear that will keep you dry no matter the weather conditions… I’m thinking rain, hail, snow, that horrid, indecisive weather we call sleet – Like c’mon make up your mind are you rain OR snow?! Not too sure where to begin? Lucky for you, I have a post coming up very soon which is FULL of workout gear perfect for when the cold weather arrives!


Layer up!

Ensuring your winter workout outfit is suitable means more than just being waterproof, breathable or nice n snuggly post-workout. This is where layers are INVALUABLE. (I’m sorry to echo Shrek here but layers really are so so important when you’re working out in the winter. If one layer gets wet or damp at all, ensure it’s fully dry before you wear it out again! Wearing a cold and wet layer is a sure-fire way of trapping in a layer of coldness that could end up making you really quite ill!



Post-workout pointers

When you’ve completed a workout, chances are you’ll be a sweaty mess. That’s all well and good during the summer when a cool breeze + sweat helps you cool down quickly! Pair that with an icy breeze and you’ll be shivering all evening. When it happens to me, next to nothing can help me warm back up fully! Pre-empt this and pack a change of clothes to whip off your cold and wet layers.
Just because you’re working out during a colder month, it doesn’t mean you don’t need to be topping up your fluids as much. Ensure you’re rehydrating despite the fact you might not be sweating quite as much! Aim to hit 8 glasses a day and maybe even treat yourself to one of these lust-worthy bottles


Protect your skin

Dry air, a bitter breeze, sun-reflecting snow… Protect your skin from all of the elements and slather on some moisturiser. Keep a tube of cream or lotion in your kit bag and apply after showering to hydrate your skin from the outside in. Remember those chapped lips I mentioned at the start of this post? Be sure to apply a sunscreen-packed lip balm before your workout in the winter sun. It’s also important to take care before AND after winter workouts – Especially checking your toes for signs of frostbite if they’ve been tucked up in your trainers!

The chilly weather can discourage even the MOST motivated gym bunnies! If your mojo is already faltering, it can seem like the easier option is to just give it all up during the winter and curl into a snug ball come 5pm. But you really don’t have to let cold weather spell the end of your fitness routine! On that note, if you’re struggling to find the motivation, be sure to check out my post for getting your fitness mojo back in check and kickstarting your gym regimes!

A final note before you head out there armed and prepped for a winter workout: Remember to be super careful if the ground is slippy or ice underfoot. Whilst I try to not let anything get in-between me and my workout plans, I’m always checking the weather forecasts. If you don’t feel safe or you think it’d be best to stay in cosied up by the fire, then absolutely do that. Never put your safety or health at risk!

What’s your favourite way to work out during the winter months? How do you stay fit when it’s cold outside? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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