The Bathroom Essentials Your Home Desperately Needs Right Now

The Bathroom Essentials Your Home Desperately Needs Right Now

Our bathrooms are one of the most important rooms in the house. It’s time to revamp that space and create your own haven for relaxation, reflection and cleansing. Tackling a decoration overhaul can be daunting on a room which is in such frequent use as a bathroom. By simply adding in a few essential pieces and changing up the norm, you can transform the room. Check out some of my favourite bathroom essentials below to revamp your space…

Ferm Living Shower Curtain

With a hand-drawn, edgy brush, this shower curtain by Ferm Living will lend a graphic look to your bathroom. Patterned with geometric blocks of tone and punctuated with abstract lines running in different directions, it holds a really striking focus in a clean, crisp setting. In addition to delivering design-wise, the shower curtain is also fully equipped with metal rings for ease of use and a fully waterproof coating. Triple threat!

Skandinavisk ‘ö’ candle

Escape to your own little island courtesy of the ‘Ö’ Island Solitude candle from Skandinavisk. With a tranquil scent of driftwood, white flowers, hardy roses and green leaves, this candle will float your mind away to a peaceful place. Light the candle, hop into a warm bath and allow yourself a moment to truly let go. As the gentle fragrance fills the room and the stillness of the Scandinavian waters is welcomed, the scent invites you to escape your qualms of every day.

Missoni home bathrobe

I may be slightly bias with this pick as I already own an amazing Missoni Home bathrobe. They’re super soft and great for throwing on after a bath with the 100% cotton great at drying damp skin. Perhaps the best aspects about this one are the striking, bright palette and Rosita Missoni’s classic chevron pattern making it a piece which looks just as great hanging up in the bathroom as it does when worn.

kelly wearstler utility pots

Add gold hints to your interior with these utility pots – The perfect balance of grandeur and luxe ensures the look doesn’t become overwhelmingly lavish for a bathroom scene. Giving a nod to the glamorous female figure with a gold set of lips on the lid, the design is juxtaposed with a more masculine marble colour-way. The entire marble range by Kelly Wearstler is absolutely beautiful with prominent veins of precious black rock. These jars aren’t just aesthetically pleasing, they’re also perfect for organising your bathroom essentials and necessities – Fill with balls of crisp cotton wool or stash away cotton buds.

Roper Rhodes snazzy mirror

You know you’re becoming a true adult when you find something as regular as a mirror genuinely exciting… Trust me, this mirror is truly impressive and a real bathroom essential you didn’t know you needed. With a beautifully simplistic design, the Encore illuminated mirror from Roper Rhodes includes Bluetooth® wireless technology. The stereo system allows you to connect a media device to the mirror and play your favourite tunes or listen to an audio book whilst pampering. You can even take control via touch-sensitive controls on the mirror. The Encore bathroom mirror also features a heated demister pad meaning the age-old problem of a foggy mirror is solved. The ‘bathroom essentials’ game has officially levelled up…

rose and grey eucalyptus sprig

Incorporating fresh blooms into your bathroom can be tricky… The answer is artificial! Opt for a succulent look-a-like which won’t perish in the moistness (ew, sorry!) of a wet room. The waxy texture means your artificial plant will ultimately look more like the real deal as opposed to some awful fraying fabric plants I’ve seen! Bonus points to fake, waxed plants for also being easily wiped clean. My personal favourite is this eucalyptus sprig from Rose and Grey.

haeckels chalk diffuser

(Pre-warning – I’m really quite excited about this one from Haeckels)
Infuse a beautiful sea lavender and cliff grass oil into your home with a carved slab of Kentish chalk. A naturally porous material, the chalk diffuser absorbs the oil progressively allowing the scent to disperse into the air gently. Each chalk block is unique due to the different layer formations through the sides of the rock. They are also laser-etched with carvings found on the cliffs by the company’s Margate lab… Pretty cool!

abyss and habidecor bath rug

I’m a real sucker for anything agate/geode related so you can imagine just how pumped I was to see Abyss and Habidecor launch this amazing bath mat! Abyss and Habidecor are the company behind some of the softest bath mats I’ve ever felt and their Geode Crystal Bath Rug is exclusive to Neiman Marcus. Understandably so… It is such an eye-catching piece. I haven’t yet decided which colour-way is my favourite. Is it acceptable for me to buy both in the name of them being ‘bathroom essentials’?!

bert and may tiling

Tiling is key in any bathroom so opting for snazzier tiles than your bog standard ones is the way to go! The team at Bert and May always have a beautiful range of products, both reclaimed and newly manufactured. Their Brighton Stone and Limestone Santona tiles are wonderfully simplistic and classic. When laid, they will undoubtedly transform a bathroom into a space with character, complimenting any colours they are paired with.

marvis toothpaste

All you need now is a toothpaste you don’t mind showing off on your shelf of bathroom essentials. Move over, big brand toothpaste companies… Enter Marvis. The packaging of their toothpastes is so ornate and regal! With a range of different flavours and properties for your pearly whites, my favourite (as a general mint-flavour lover) would be the Classic Strong Mint option. The ingredients used not only freshen but protect and whiten too! Just a little note that the Classic Strong Mint flavour uses limonene so if you’ aren’t a fan of the liquorice aftertaste, perhaps try one of their other flavours!

You can shop all of my favourite picks below:

What is a bathroom essential in your home? Is there something you simply cannot be without? Drop me some of your favourites in the comments below…

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  • Kerri August 21, 2017 7:30 pm

    Marvis toothpaste I wish my country had! I must be a true adult to want this 😛 Is it okay to use for sensitive teeth though?

    • Grace September 11, 2017 4:55 pm

      Haha welcome to adulthood Kerri! Hmm, that’s a very good point – I don’t actually know but I really hope it is. I get very sensitive teeth so fingers crossed… xx

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