Timeless Style with Adexe Watches

Timeless Style with Adexe Watches

The lovely team at Adexe sent me a stunning wristwatch from their collection. Beautifully minimal and sleek, it was such a special gift to receive! Read on to find out about the stunning design, my first impressions and more…

There’s something about the traditional craftsmanship of watchmaking that is massively overlooked and often forgotten. Masters of a beautifully artisanal skill, Adexe identify as a ‘non-conformist’ brand. They endeavour to differentiate themselves from the mass-produced competitors and that’s always something which I really admire!

For their unique flair and timeless style, Adexe were showstoppers at London Fashion Week 2017. Frequently featuring in GQ, Vogue and Elle, Adexe are an exciting brand to look out for in 2018!

Knowing my beautiful watch was carefully created with the brand’s key aspects of ‘traditional quality and luxury’ in mind, I consider these beautiful watches by Adexe as brilliant investment pieces and perfect gifts too!

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You know I have such a love for beautifully-designed items; this watch totally fits the brief. The chain mesh of the watch strap is super delicate and the radial, polished steel watch face is easy to read with just a glance. The rose gold Sistine watch is a timepiece with undeniable sophistication. It compliments any skin tone perfectly but, if full-on rose gold isn’t to your taste, it’s also available in a black/rose gold combo and a sleek black and white pairing.

For my fellow fashionistas out there, I was super pleased to find the watch can be easily worked into so many of my go-to looks. Be it a chunky knit, a showstopper dress or a tailored shirt for the office, the watch really finishes any outfit off perfectly. The rose gold is such a pretty shade and, combined with the sleek design, isn’t overwhelmingly girly – Perfect!

Whilst you can normally find me with my beloved fitness tracker on my wrist ready to keep a record of all of my workouts, I really love dressing up for a special event – The rose gold Sistine watch is such a beautiful piece to accessorise a thoughtfully put-together outfit for both practicality and style. My Adexe watch sits proudly on my wrist and works perfectly alongside my finest outfits!

As a petite-wristed person (yes, that’s totally a thing now!), I steer towards slender watches which won’t be bulky or uncomfortable. However, the beautiful Sistine watch is actually available in a ‘Grande’ style too. With the thicker strap, the Grande version is ideal if you opt for a striking, bold look. Check out the black & rose gold Grande version or, if you prefer a minimal colourway, here’s the black and white Grande watch!

Adexe are always developing new styles and adding to their range of watches for both him and her. Head to their website for all the latest styles.

P.s Adexe also offer an engraving service – If you’re buying the wristwatch as a gift, go ahead and get a lovely personalised message added to the piece to really make your special person smile!

AND FINALLY, an extra little treat for you – Use the code ADEXE15 to receive 15% off your purchase.
Go treat yourself, see the new year in with a stylish watch and thank me later…

The details for the watch in this post are below if you want to get your hands on one too!

Sistine Petite Rose Gold

15% Discount Code – ADEXE15



This post is in collaboration with Adexe Watches.
The beautiful watch in this post was very kindly gifted to me by Adexe.
As always, my views are sincere and I’ll only accept products that I genuinely have an interest in, suit my ethics and would consider purchasing myself.
You can check out the other brands and partners who I have collaborated with here.

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