Water Bottles So Chic You’ll Want to Show Them Off

Water Bottles So Chic You’ll Want to Show Them Off

 We all know how crucial water is to our mental and physical health; Yet, hydrating the body enough is something we could all improve massively on. Studies have shown 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated[i]. What better excuse to get the fluids in than having a chic water bottle you can proudly show off. From bottles which infuse your 8-a-day of fruit to statement design pieces in bottle-form, I’ve gathered some of my favourite water bottles below perfect for flaunting…

S’well Bottles

These bottles from S’well are so, so gorgeous.
Available in a range of different patterns, textures and sizes, there’s bound to be one you’ll fall in love with. Their collections are so vast ranging from wood, textiles and exotics through to glitter, matte and pastels.
It’s no secret I’ve had my eye on the Santorini Blue design for quite a while now…

The clever double-walled technology in these bottles means cold drinks stay chilled for 24 hours and hot drinks (I’m thinking a steamy matcha tea or a frothy latte) remain hot for 12 hours. That’s pretty impressive! Plus, their 25oz vessels hold an entire bottle of wine… But don’t take my word for it. A fact like that needs some in-depth testing i.e. 1 bottle of wine to yourself? Oh go on then!


Bottles by bkr

Welcome to your newest obsession: bkr bottles.
These iconic water bottles are the ultimate solution to staying hydrated with a splash of beauty in the mix. With a whole range of hues to choose from, it’s just a case of matching the bottle to your mood (or outfit!) P.s. You MUST check out their 2017 collection… The ‘Madly’ shade is such a good colour for summer!
With everyone from Reese Witherspoon through to Blake Lively sporting them, it’s no wonder bkr bottles have a rep for being so sassy and popular amongst the fashionistas.


Life Factory Water Bottles

These water bottles are perfect for hydrating whilst working out. The silicone jacket means you have a non-slip grip and the straw is designed for upright drinking. Pop in some ice cubes, add a few lemon slices via the wide-mouth opening and sip away whilst on the treadmill or yoga mat. Life Factory also produce a huge range of other bottles including baby drinking bottles meaning you can match your little one!


made by Fressko

Okay, this one is pretty special. I can’t express to you how much I love ‘made by Fressko’. I’ve wanted one of their bottles for such a long time! The double-walled glass water bottles include a 2-in-1 infusion filter so you can create a fruit-infused mix or brew a special tea/coffee blend. Whip the filters out and you can fill this bad boy up with a fresh smoothie or shake.
Versatility and effortless Scandi style in a range of sizes – Do you understand my LOVE for them yet?!


Ghongha bottles

Perfect for the inner yogi, Ghongha bottles are adorned with their Sanskrit-esque logo. These water bottles have a rubber casing and a little droplet window so you can see how long ‘til you need to refill. I’m loving this dusky blue shade.


HydrateM8 bottles

Thanks to@This_Time_Maybe for these shots!

So many people swear by these water bottles by HydrateM8 – I personally love them! The bottles have increments drawn on to help you hit your daily water intake. You simply aim to drink each section of water to hit the time window. After drinking one full bottle, you refill at 12pm. Now drink all the way to 5pm and you will have had your intake of water for the day. It’s as easy as that! Keep one of these super helpful water bottles on your desk and you’ll find drinking more water gradually becomes part of your day-to-day habits. If you aren’t convinced yet, the lovely people at HydrateM8 donate to Great Ormond Street Hospital for each bottle they sell.


Which bottle has caught your eye? Are you going to add one of these chic water bottles to your collection?

[i] Survey of 3003 Americans, Nutrition Information Center, New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center (April 14, 1998).

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