Creating an office space with desk must-haves

Creating an office space with desk must-haves

Creating an office space can be a tricky task wherever you work: from home or in a company HQ. it’s time to perfect the balance between the real necessities and the nice-to-have items which just clutter your desk. Here, I have run through some of my must-haves for a desk space sure to keep you on a productive path with your mind on the task at hand.


We’ve all been there; you’re steaming through that project that’s due on Friday but the office is pretty noisy. Providing your workplace are happy with headphone use, pop some buds in! Whilst I think it’s great to chat to your colleagues when the moment’s right and no one is half-way through something important, it’s also crucial you’re able to concentrate when you need to. Instead of music or podcasts, my go-to is SimplyNoise. It’s a white noise machine online where you can alter the dials to create the perfect sound for your own ears (give the oscillating setting a whirl and you’ll be hooked!).

Hydrate your mind

We’re all guilty. Considering water is so crucial to our bodies and health, it’s something we never consume enough of. Add some timed increments to a plastic water bottle (or buy one here) and try your best to finish a bottle by lunchtime, refill and drink the 2nd bottle by home time. Bored? Check out these snazzy water bottles including a fancy hydration tracker and a fruit infusion bottle too.

A personal reminder

When things get intense and you find yourself buried in your overwhelming inbox, it can really help to take a moment and reflect. I find it’s so important to keep something personal nearby so when an intense moment strikes, a glance at that cute photo of your cat or the little note from your boyfriend can really harmonise everything again. BAM, you’re ready to attack that to-do list!

Nail the palette

If your desk area is particularly limited for natural light, go for a good desk lamp. As for wall colour and schemes, attract the colours which stimulate you the most. For some people, that may be calm, tranquil colours in an office space. If you find brighter colours are conducive to getting your creative groove on, then whip out a paintbrush and add some accent colours in your corner.

Wise snacking

Creating an office space which will be productive also means keeping healthy snacks near your desk. A good addition to any desk, having healthy snacks on your desk means you aren’t reaching for the poorer choices because they simply are not there. Go for the things which won’t spoil and are packaged securely to avoid any unwanted attention (ants, rats and nosey colleagues included). Porridge in a sachet, nut selections and dried fruit are a great start. Keep gum and mints close by for a refreshing, sweet boost or to ward off hunger pangs.

Be prepared

If you’re in an office where the temperatures can fluctuate, keep something warm like a scarf or a fleece at your desk. I’m quite the go-to gal in the office with a custom “first aid” kit at my desk consisting of plasters, safety pins, clear nail varnish, nail file, anti-bac, compact mirror, lint roller, deodorant and perfume.

Keep your space tidy

Calling on some words from Albert Einstein for this one…

If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?

Albert Einstein

I know I certainly prefer the first option… My creativity can come from anywhere so a completely bare desk is simply not an option for me. Keep on top of it all with cool storage and ‘archive’ old work into folders weekly. Try open shelving, trays or drawer units if you prefer to organise your desk belongings and work more thoroughly. Try creating an office space which isn’t full of clutter from the word go – Starting with a fresh canvas and filing away your papers immediately sets things off on the right track.

Bring the outside in

Introduce some foliage to your desk. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to immerse yourself in a tropical rainforest. Simply choose an indoor plant to take care of and sit it on your desk. Do a little research and find out how often it’ll need watering and when it’ll flower. If you prefer blooms all-year, pop a bunch of fresh-cut flowers into a pretty vase.

I hope you found some ideas above of what to adorn your desk space with. Remember… What we consider as ‘desk must-haves’ totally varies from person to person so not all of these ideas will apply to you! I’m an individual in a super creative role so what we see as a key necessities might be very different if you’re in a contrasting career to mine.
Have you tried any of these tips for creating an office space? What are your desk must-haves? Feeling the sudden urge to recreate my custom “first aid” kit for your desk?

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