5 Things: Signs That Autumn Is Here

5 Things: Signs That Autumn Is Here

I’ve been mulling over some tell-tale signs that autumn is here. It’s a seasonal change I really enjoy, with cosy, transitional fashion and the changeable weather providing plenty of excuses to just stay in snuggled up watching movies. Be it wardrobe tweaks and nature observations, here are 5 signs that autumn is in full swing!

Welcome to what so many people call the ‘spooky’ season! Autumn (or ‘fall’) is such an exciting time in the calendar – with Christmas just around the corner, Halloween and Bonfire night are events I absolutely love. They provide plenty of opportunities to catch up with friends and squeeze in some seasonal celebrations before the year’s grand conclusion. I can’t be the only one noticing autumn crept in a lot quicker this year than ever before – perhaps thanks to the crazy times we’ve endured for the past year and a bit. Instead of dwelling on how quickly the year is going, it’s a good chance to stop and mindfully observe autumn and all the signs of its presence…

Pumpkin Patches Are Open

At this time of year, the photos are flooooding our feeds! I have likely personally contributed to it if you follow me on Instagram… Posing with pumpkins and hand-selecting precious picks you’ll take home and care for over the coming weeks, pumpkin patches are growing in popularity here in the UK. Previously an American tradition, it seems to be really gaining popularity here in Essex and I’ll bet there’s a new patch cropping up near you this year. Gather your friends for a trip or head out on a date to a local pumpkin patch but be sure to stop off for hot chocolate on the way!

Here are my favourite pumpkin patches so far in Essex:

  • Foxes Farm Produce (Colchester AND Basildon)
  • Hatter’s Farm (post coming soon!)
  • Marsh Farm Pumpkin Picking Village, Chelmsford
  • Cammas Hall, Bishop’s Stortford (BRILLIANT for fruit-picking in warmer months too!)

Be quick as the pumpkin season tends to run from 25th September until the end of October… Happy picking!


Nothing Feels Better Than Lighting A Candle

I’ve said it before, there’s something SO relaxing about a candle’s flame flickering. autumn’s arrival is a great opportunity to switch up artificial light for pretty, soothing candles! If you’re not a fan of lit candles in your home, might I suggest you check out Lights4Fun’s LED candles. I’ve got a set of their marble pillar candles, similar to these ones – mine are made of actual wax and have a (safe) flickering flame… Super realistic!

If you’re hankering for the real deal, perhaps this is the therapeutic candle you need in your life.


It’s Acceptable To Wear Bobble Hats

Quite possibly one of my favourite things about autumn is the FASHION. Hand me the knitted jumpers. Treat yourself to some new boots. Dig out last year’s favourite scarf. A staple for this time of year has got to be a woolly, bobble hat. I can’t wait for the temperature to drop just a few more degrees so I can cosy up on my wanders across the fields. Don’t forget to wrap up warm if you’re heading out to exercise in the chilly weather.


Autumn = Pumpkin Spiced Everything, Everywhere

Are you a lover of all things pumpkin-spiced? Controversially, I’m personally not a fan… My facial expression is the exact same as Woody’s in the meme above whenever someone mentions cinnamon, pumpkin lattes, or anything of the mixed-spiced persuasion. That said, my friends are convinced this is the year I’ll find something pumpkin-spiced I actually enjoy. Watch this space! Go forth, PS-lovers and enjoy all the lattes your bank account can withstand this season.


Nature In Autumnal Abundance


Autumn brings with it a dazzling display of crisp, golden leaves and fantastical, crimson toadstools on the forest floor. By now, youu know I love a walk and exploring at the weekend and these photos are of some mushrooms I spotted at Thorndon Country Park over in Brentwood! With so many animals coming out to harvest their food ahead of winter, it’s also a brilliant time to keep your eyes peeled for deer. There’s something really magical about spotting (and not disturbing!) deer in the wild!


As the darker nights and gloomy mornings creep ever close, now’s a good time to become a morning person. Have a read of this article if you’re keen to conquer your morning routine once and for all! If you fancy something nice to read throughout the cosy nights, check out my Living category where I’m sharing lots of wellbeing posts. There’s also a mammoth post for literary lovers here where I share allllll the book recommendations you guys sent me!


What are the defining features of autumn that you’re looking forward to? Perhaps you know of a new pumpkin patch or autumnal date idea for me to try! Drop me a comment or a message…

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