This Indulgent Skincare Candle Is Solving ‘Touch Deprivation’

This Indulgent Skincare Candle Is Solving ‘Touch Deprivation’

Combatting touch deprivation and transforming your skincare routine, the Prismologie Oud & Sapphire Massage Candle is designed to create a grounding and comforting, sensorial experience.

Self-care comes in countless forms and is different for each and every one of us – I recently spoke on Instagram about redirecting your attention away from others and refocusing on yourself. I highly recommend you take a moment for yourself as the world shifts once yet again, lockdowns easing and life pulling us in 1001 different directions! Over the past year, I’ve consciously taken more time for myself; trying to add more opportunities for self-care into my routines…

Prismologie must have been on my wavelength as they very kindly sent me one of their highly-regarded, Oud & Sapphire Massage Candles. You might remember this brand as featured in my Shop Small Gift Ideas blog post back in December 2020. At this point, I need to tell you affiliate links are used in this blog post meaning I receive a commission for using Prismologie’s products and sharing them with you in my posts. As always, my views are sincere and I’ll only accept products that I genuinely have an interest in, suit my ethics and would consider purchasing myself.

Founded by empowering entrepreneur and princess of the Kuwaiti royal family, H.E. Sheikha Intisar AlSabah, Prismologie is a wonderfully luxurious skincare & wellbeing brand. I’ve said before how I identify especially well with this brand as it embodies everything I love about the power of design: Prismologie’s main aim is to utilise the power of scent and colour to transform lives. With such strong intentions of enabling everyone to enjoy self-care, their work transforms a simple bathtime & skincare regime into an experience that is indulgent and, ultimately, mood-enhancing.

If you haven’t read about Prismologie on Graceful Blog yet, it’s possible you’ve seen their wares on Sheerluxe, in Vogue, Red & Grazia magazines. The Oud Massage Candle I was gifted has received glowing praise since it was launched, so I was especially excited to try it out!

Their Oud & Sapphire Massage Candle is a wonderful tool with sensorial support and aromatherapy power to combat the Covid-linked phenomenon ‘touch deprivation’.
Quite literally what it says on the tin, this is where you’re starved of physical touch and yearn for sensorial relief. Also known as skin hunger or touch starvation, this could manifest as the need for a hug, a sympathetic touch of the shoulder or the shaking of hands in day-to-day pandemic life.

According to experts, we commonly feel this need for physical affection and reassurance during particularly stressful times. There’s research backing this up – It’s shown that another living thing’s touch can help calm the sympathetic nervous system and, in turn, releasing bottled-up, stress hormones during said stressful times (have a read-up here if you like!).

As we’re urged to keep socially distanced, avoid physical contact with most others and stay home where possible, touch deprivation is really impacting mental health globally. Experts are concerned that prolonged touch deprivation can lead to more negative effects – Not good for anyone’s wellbeing!

How is a candle solving touch deprivation? With Prismologie’s prowess for enabling sensorial experiences with their products, the Oud & Sapphire Massage Candle, in particular, is truly THE wonder product.

Let’s start with the calming, ‘Indigo Interlude’ vessel. Referencing colour psychology, the brand mindfully opted for indigo to incite feelings of calm, further instilled with the comforting Oud scent. Wild Mango Butter and beeswax in the formula are soothing and caress the skin with calming coconut and soybean oils.

Lighting the candle should be seen as a ritual! Making a full sensorial experience with it allows you to fully enjoy the product.
I often find watching a candle flame flicker is incredibly calming and meditative, so it’s a good opportunity to focus on your breathing and slow down.

Prismologie suggest doing some breathwork at this point and this is something I personally love to do when unwinding or taking a mindful moment. This could be by ‘box-breathing’ (in for 4s, hold for 4s, out for 4s, hold for 4s) or trying this pattern: Breathe in for 7 counts and out for 9 to 11 counts. Notice how a longer out-breath relaxes your body. Repeat 5 times and, on the 5th slow breath out, gently close your eyes.

The next sensorial stage is to ground yourself; recognising and appreciating the still silence and the candle’s balanced scent, enveloping the air around you. I have really enjoyed recognising each contributing aroma in the candle’s formula, with each note gently fading in and out. It’s so deeply relaxing and calming!

When you feel ready to open your eyes, now is a good time to reflect on the waves of calm, having emptied your mind and grounded yourself. I like to keep the candle lit for a few moments longer. Once the flame has been blown out, the warm wax/oil concoction is ready to be carefully poured…

The oil is so nourishing and makes for a really lovely, gentle massage with only a small amount needed to achieve a smooth and softening effect. The scent is not cloying but rather fills the air with a warming, unisex aroma. As for the candle’s massage oil, it is not sticky or difficult to work with, but rather indulgent and rich. Please note the wax and oils in this candle are formulated for skincare purposes, so it’s crucial you don’t try massaging with any old candle wax!

To truly combat touch deprivation with this massage candle, you could kindly ask your partner to massage you. Don’t panic, fellow lonesome lockdowners – The massage candle can still be enjoyed through a sensorial, calming and mindful experience by yourself: a shoulder, arm and leg massage is perfect with this combination of warming scent and softening oils!

Whilst this candle’s oils leave the skin feeling perfectly polished and softened, there is a kit combining all of the bestsellers within the Oud & Sapphire range, and plenty of other collections and key ingredients to discover.

Proudly British-made, Prismologie is also vegan, cruelty-free and against the use of plastic microbeads. A deeper dive into each product also brings a sigh of relief at how their products are sustainable, free of parabens, SLES, petrolatum and GM-free also!


Perhaps you need a nudge to redirect some energy onto yourself… I hope this blog post and the Oud & Sapphire Massage Candle mentioned has given you the sign you needed. It’s safe to say there’s something different about this lockdown and things aren’t quite as slow-paced and contemplative as in previous ones.
A roadmap for the path out of stilted life has been revealed (great news!) but, I can’t help yearning for the ‘slow-living’ moments felt over the past year. We’re all focused on the impending return to ‘normality’, worrying and wondering. But please keep the following quote in mind…!

Give yourself the same care and attention you give to others & you’ll see yourself bloom


I hope you’re able to take a moment for yourself this week, away from all distractions and overwhelming thoughts. Is touch deprivation something you have experienced since the beginning of the pandemic? How are you feeling about the roadmap news? I’d be so interested to hear from you! Leave a comment below, or you can also reach out on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. Take care!

The Oud & Sapphire Massage Candle in this post was very kindly gifted to me by Prismologie.
Affiliate links are used in this blog post meaning I receive a commission for using Prismologie’s products and sharing them with you in my posts. Although I receive a commission for using and linking their products, my views are sincere and I’ll only accept products that I genuinely have an interest in, suit my ethics and would consider purchasing myself. You can check out the other brands and partners I have collaborated with here.

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