5 Ways to Use Essential Oils Every Day

5 Ways to Use Essential Oils Every Day

Wondering how to use essential oils every day? Keep reading… Essential oils have been used for centuries all around the world. Yet, there’s been a resurgence in popularity over the past few years! It’s no surprise – There’s around one hundred essential oils and they each boast SO many health benefits and perks for our wellbeing.

I’m sharing some of my favourite ways to use essential oils every day with you right here. I personally find essential oils can be really helpful towards boosting wellbeing. They’ve been used in herbal medicine and traditional remedies since the 1100s, so why are we only recently seeing a resurge of interest in essential oil use?! My guess is that, with modern-day stressors demanding more and more of our attention, time and brain-space, we’re constantly looking for ways to get back to living in our prime.

It’s really easy to factor them into your daily life and you’ll be so glad you did – Using essential oils can totally boost your mood, increase your motivation and help you gain clarity and focus. Of course, certain essential oils are also effective assisters in relaxing your body and mind, perhaps even helping you to drift off to a much-needed restful sleep! Read on for ways to use essential oils every day…


Aromatherapy With Essential Oils Whilst You Wash

Add a few drops of oil into your shower tray, on the bathroom tiles or onto your collarbone before stepping into the shower. As you shower, the steam will lift the oils into the air.

Breathe in the steam and enjoy an invigorating shower! Eucalyptus oil, in particular, is perfect for this as it’ll open your airways. Turbo-charge this effect by hanging sprigs of fresh eucalyptus leaves in the bathroom near or just below your shower-head.

Pssssst, the masterminds over at ‘Shobu’ went one step further and created ‘bath bombs for the shower’. Google ‘Shobu shower bombs’ and you should be able to find a retailer in your area.

If you prefer baths, try adding a few drops of an essential oil into the bathwater. It’ll muddle with the water, releasing into the air with every bubble that bursts! Lavender in your bath before bed will help whisk you off to a peaceful night’s sleep. Be sure to check out this post for more tips to make yourself fall asleep faster.


Pimp Up Your Massage Oil

Mix a few drops into a base oil for a custom therapeutic massage oil! Lavender and jasmine are lush scents to breathe in deeply before heading off to bed – Their soothing properties will be great if you’ve got achey legs too. This face oil from Neom is just fantastic too!

Open your airways with a combo of oils similar to tried-and-trusted Olbas (go for eucalyptus, clove and peppermint). Or give yourself a rejuvenating jumpstart with a fruity mix of oils.


Superpower Sprigs

For something which both looks great and gives an aromatherapy effect, pop some fresh sprigs of eucalyptus, lemon leaf or lavender in a vase atop your bedroom sideboard. The oils from cut stems will subtly infuse into the air.

Natural fragrance brand Neom offer diffusers for better sleep, less stress, more energy or a much-needed mood boost. Pick whichever one you’re feeling the need for and enjoy as the diffuser swirls a stream of essential oils into your airspace. Over on my About page, you’ll see one of my favourite scents is actually their Feel Refreshed rangeSicilian Lemon & Basil!


Workout Wellness

Add a dot of an essential oil mix onto your pulse points before exercising – On your wrists or just below/behind the ear will work a treat. As your body heats up, you’ll really start to notice the scent of your chosen essential oils. Boost your mood and motivation with a citrus oil – Think Sicilian lemon or grapefruit.

If you’re a fellow yoga fan, add a few drops onto the end of your yoga mat… Perfect for balancing your mind and grounding the body as you start in savasana! If you prefer hot yoga, try a warming sort of scent like lemongrass or patchouli to radiate up into your own aromatherapy bubble… Dreamy.

After your workout, wash or freshen up your face with a face mist pimped with essential oils. Dilute some tea tree oil in a mister bottle with distilled water and spritz on for a DIY face mist. Aloe vera essential oils act as great moisturisers and will be super soothing for dry skin (especially if you’ve been exposed to too much sun!).


Essential Oils On The Go

Specially-designed balms from Scentered are a real treasure. They’ve won so many awards and are so easily slipped into a bag for when you’re on the move. With a range of scents available, each is designed to tackle a huge stressor of modern life which many of us battle daily. From easing stress, combatting a lack of sleep, or giving a much-needed energy & mood boost, you’ll find a balm, diffuser or candle to solve (or at least ease) your current stressors.


Be aware, certain essential oils aren’t ideal if you have a cat household.
Do some quick research to ensure you’re keeping your cats safe from toxic oils in the air. Don’t panic though, the experts say that jasmine, rose and lemon balm are amongst the essential oils that are totally safe!

If you’re a fellow wellbeing warrior and fancy becoming a morning person, have a read of this. If you fancy something nice to read throughout all this madness, check out my Living category where I’m sharing lots of wellbeing posts.


Do you know how to use essential oils every day? Have you already been using them in your day-to-day life without realising? Let me know which benefits you’ve seen so far! I’d be so interested to hear from you…

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