How To Be A Morning Person

How To Be A Morning Person

Consider yourself lucky if you wake up feeling ready to tackle the day ahead. Statistics say only 1 in 10 of us are blessed with being a morning person. Whilst I can’t miraculously transform you into one, I do have some tips to help. Welcome those extra early hours and fill your lungs with fresh air. But first, take a read of my easy tips below to get you going…

OWN IT, The day belongs to you

Waking up early can be a really great habit to get into. Think of the few extra hours or minutes in the morning as crucial ‘you’ time. Look at it as more time you can dedicate to yourself. Creating this crucial time each day can completely supercharge your wellbeing. Spend your extra time wisely and thoughtfully – Whether that’s by reading the paper, taking a nice hot shower or working out in the gym before the sun rises (trust me, it’s actually a great feeling!). Whatever you decide on, embrace it. Think of how much you have bettered yourself in the time you would have just been snoring away still.

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Make the bed (you filthy animal!)

Perfecting the pillows and smoothing the duvet is a great idea as soon as you leap out of bed. Making it harder to crawl back under the covers, a made bed is a sign you’ve fully accepted it’s time to start the day. Just think – You’ll have a crisp, comfy bed to look forward to when you get home. Plus, studies show accomplishing even the smallest of tasks first thing in the morning can set your day off in the right direction with a mini rush of endorphins!


I personally love listening to some of my favourite playlists or podcasts before I head out for the day. There’s something really refreshing about just pausing and opening your ears (and mind) to something new. Whilst I love music in the mornings, I’ve recently trialled listening to some audio ebooks. It’s so easy to make time and listen to 1 whole chapter whilst you’re getting ready for the day ahead. Stuck on what to go for? I recommend listening to a play or a short novel first to ease yourself in gently. Shakespeare, anyone?


It’s so important to stretch in the morning. Blood flow, water balance and digestion all need a little boost after laying down all night. Stretching out is a great start. Try to complete atleast three gentle sun salutations when you wake up. I’m saying ‘gentle’ because it’s crucial to remember your muscles aren’t warmed up just yet – Over-stretching can be just as bad as not moving your body at all! Don’t expect to nail it first time. Keep some light yoga in your morning regime and you’ll notice your body improving and warming up with each rep.

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Throw those curtains wide – Let the light in

Opening your eyes to the world outside will make you so much more inclined to get up and get ready. If it’s a nice day outside, think of your plans and set some positive intentions. Perhaps you’ll be heading to the beach or for a walk in the park. Spend just 15 minutes getting your sun intake during the good weather seasons to help your body create vitamin D – It’s essential for better mental and physical health. You can hardly argue with that! If it’s raining (unfortunately this is often the case for me in England) just remind yourself nothing beats getting some fresh air. Pop your hood up and head on out to fill those lungs!

Fancy a challenge?

If you’re an avid step-counter, challenge yourself to rack up atleast 2,000 steps around the house before you head out. 2,000 steps might be super easy or a mega challenge for you. Either way, get up and get going. The benefits of exercising are so extensive plus completing such a challenge (a fifth of the recommended daily step count!) will put your mind on the right tracks early in the day. Thank me later.

Becoming a morning person isn’t a sudden change. Do it gradually. Forming new habits takes around 66 days so give some of these lifestyle tweaks a whirl and, who knows, you might be up before the sun one day! Just keep viewing those extra hours as time you’d otherwise have wasted. You might find yourself transforming into a morning person in no time.
Remember, it’s okay to not be up and raring to go every day. Treat yourself to a lie in every now and then too!

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Do you consider yourself a ‘morning person’? So what are you going to do with your extra hours? Perhaps you’ve got some secrets to waking up feeling refreshed and ready for whatever the day holds? Be a darling and share them with everyone…

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