Hay Fever Hacks You Need To Try

Hay Fever Hacks You Need To Try

For sufferers of hay fever, the true signs of summer mean sneezing your head off, watery eyes and unbearably itchy skin. What should be a time for frolicking through the fields and having picnics in the park transforms into a moment so many of us rue. It’s time to change that and steal back our summer from the grip of hay fever!
You need to try these game-changing hacks to ease and potentially banish your hay fever symptoms – It’s got to be worth a shot, right?!

Night time regimes = Wake feeling refreshed

Shutting your bedroom windows at night and in the early morning hours is a great way of reducing your exposure to the allergens. This should dramatically decrease the amount of pollen and reaction-inducing particles circulating in your bedroom whilst you sleep. But what if it’s a hot night of warm weather and sticky air? Pop your pillowcase in the freezer and whip it out before you head to bed for a cooling blast.

Smell the flowers

Let’s not pretend hay fever doesn’t suck…. Whilst nothing beats the smell of all the pretty wildflowers when you’re driving along a country road, it has the almighty power of transforming you into a sneezing, streaming mess. Thankfully, Neom Organics have a range of products made with rose. Known to alleviate hay fever, the Complete Bliss diffuser from Neom Organics will do a great job of smelling great and hopefully alleviating your symptoms a little!

Cabin filter checks

Are you fine until the drive to work when you’re sneezing away? Despite having the car windows shut and no outside-air circulating, your car could be the cause of your hay fever sniffles during a commute. It is worth having the cabin filters in your car checked. The purpose of the filter is to trap pollen, dander and nasties from entering your car’s airspace – Much alike how your hoover collects dust particles.
Pay a visit to your usual garage and have your filters checked. It should be a fairly straight-forward task which could save you from developing a reaction early in the mornings pre-work.

Have a Good (Hair) Day

Get into the habit of washing your hair at night. This can really help to get rid of any pollen which has been clinging to your hair during the day. Opt for a clarifying shampoo for an ultra-clean feeling – My favourite is John Frieda’s Cool Dip Shampoo.

Bright eyed

Not only will you look super on-trend and like a snazzy VIP at all times, wearing sunglasses can protect your eyes from irritants in the air. It’s a good excuse to wear your sunnies!

For some serious chill time, pop 2 teaspoons in the fridge or into a glass of icy water for 10 minutes. Kick back and relax with the spoons on your eyes to reduce any puffiness caused by hay fever irritation or just a bad night’s sleep.

During the night, treat your eyes to a Slip eye mask. Your eyes can fully rest whilst you sleep with the ultra-soft and soothing properties of Slip’s highest grade silk.

Stop HAY FEVER in its tracks

Apply a very thin layer of vaseline (or a clear lip balm if you’re desperate) to the area around your nose. I know this might sound a little strange but give it a try! The theory is it will trap pollen and allergen particles from getting in and irritating your nasal passages. There’s actually a balm called Haymax made especially for this – Tried and tested, it’s a real wonder-product to carry in your bag (just look beyond the Comic Sans logo and trust me on this one!).

I also recommend you try out a nasal spray – I personally like Otrivine sprays. As much as these sort of sprays are great as a quick fix, be aware not to rely on it entirely. Becoming dependent on a spray to clear your sinuses can lead to nasal rebound which is awfully painful.

Take care

If you’re a fellow asthmatic, be mindful in the height of hay fever season. Some of us find it can aggravate your breathing or worsen your asthma. Stay cautious and carry your reliever inhaler with you incase! If you’re concerned, speak to your asthma nurse and factor these seasonal changes into your asthma action plan. You can check the pollen counts here.

Try avoiding coffee, chocolate and alcohol as these may worsen your symptoms. They can be packed-full of compounds (including histamine and serotonin) which can trigger symptoms of allergic reactions.

Avoid hanging your laundry outside to dry. Whilst it’s super tempting when you spot the sun out and a nice breeze in the air, it can actually cause more pollen to trap onto your fresh, clean clothes. Try to air clothes and bedding indoors where possible.

Switch IT UP

Try a different formula of tablet to the one you took last year. I know it sounds silly seeing as they all claim to do the same job… I find switching to one with a completely different active ingredient to the allergy tablets you took before can make a difference. Yeah it could all be a psychological distraction, but, if you seem to have developed some sort of resistance to last year’s tablet, give it a try! For the past few years, I swore by Cetirizine Hydrochloride, but this year it’s all about Chlorphenamine Maleate… *if this is all a bit too nerdy for you, I suggest you speak to a pharmacist who will be able to help you out for sure!*

I seriously hope you find these tips give you some good ways of dealing with your hay fever. I personally know how horrible it is and it’s so worth trying just some of these out. Let me know if you give any a whirl! Do you have some hacks and tips of dealing with allergies? Leave a comment!

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