How To Procrastinate Productively

How To Procrastinate Productively

I know what you’re thinking… How is it possible to procrastinate productively?! Instead of getting distracted by pretty pictures over on Instagram or an email from H&M about their next collab (guilty of always falling for this!), procrastinate productively and get inspired without letting it hinder you!

I’ve conjured up a few ways that you can use to start procrastinating in a way that is productive and conducive to getting stuff done. It’ll help you to find an edge of fresh motivation to spur you on! If you’re finding it difficult to get yourself out of a rut, have a read of this post and you’ll be a productive procrastinator in no time…

  • Draw/doodle/colour-in – Colouring in for adults might feel like a ‘dead & gone’ trend but give it a go and you might notice a spike in your creative drive!
  • Spend some time scrolling through the Pinterest and Instagram accounts of people you don’t know
  • Write a list of goals and plans – Everything from long-term hopes and wishes to what you’re trying to get done that day! Perhaps one of your goals could be to learn how to procrastinate productively 😏
  • Tick off everything you’ve already achieved (that might be nothing, which is totally fine)
  • Watch a YouTube clip or TED talk on your chosen field (and take notes to reference back to and solidify your new knowledge)
  • Take part in a blogger chat over on Twitter (Depending on the topic, you’ll almost definitely find you leave the chat feeling inspired – You can often catch me on #beechat, #tbhchat and #GRLPOWR chats!)
  • Go for a walk/run/swim (smashing all three? Go you!)
  • Redecorate or tidy a room in your home each week (reorganise, dust and clean, introduce a new style) Start by tackling your bathroom!
  • Master a hairstyle (Fun fact: I taught myself how to do fish-tail plaits after a lot of trial and error!)
  • Find something expensive that has always been on your lust list – Calculate how much money you’d need to save per week/month to buy it within a year/18 months – Work on saving that money and then treat yourself. By doing this, you’re incentivising yourself towards hitting that goal! Who cares if it’s for a materialistic gain – This theory can be applied to so many situations such as saving up for a flat or a trip around the world.
    What’s currently on my lust list? Have a look below…

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How do you like to procrastinate? Is there anything you always find yourself distracted by? Do you think you’ll be trying any of these ideas now? Leave me a comment below…

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  • kerry September 20, 2017 10:45 pm

    Ah now I like lots of these ideas. When I sit and find Im busy doing nothing, a good clear out of a cupboard or drawer always makes me feel motivated. Its something about being tidy and organised I think. I love the idea of working out what I need to save per month for that dream bag Im lusting after too, I am all over that idea! Great post xx
    kerry recently posted…Twelve More things you might like to knowMy Profile

    • Grace September 29, 2017 4:23 pm

      Oh I totally agree! It normally happens on a Sunday in our house – Sometimes a tidy up session is all you need to feel on-top of everything again! Glad you liked the budgeting idea. Hope you get the bag you’re after really soon. You deserve it xx

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