How To Use Affirmation Cards For Wellbeing

How To Use Affirmation Cards For Wellbeing

I recently received some wonderful affirmation cards from The Organised PA! Here’s how I have been incorporating them into my wellbeing routine and a glimpse into how this reflective, mindful practice can be so empowering…

You know the drill by now – A new year brings with it a refreshed mindset and the opportunity to ‘reset’ your focus, channelling all your renewed energy into growth. I’ve been sitting on this particular post for a while, trying to figure the ‘perfect’ time to post it so those who need it most will benefit.

The truth?

There is no ‘perfect time’, scarcely even anything ‘perfect’ at all…
Unless it’s a sapphire-blue sky… or Captain America himself, Chris Evans!

Despite the ‘new year, new me’ marketing spewed by so many businesses at the start of a fresh 12 months, not everything ACTUALLY resets at the turning over of a new year… Shock horror, right?!

Regardless, this time certainly tends to bring a feeling of rejuvenation and a sense of reawakening, that’s for sure.

Did you set new years resolutions? I’ll bet there’s a pretty high chance you’ve recently been guilt-tripping yourself with some unrealistic, potentially negative ‘resolutions’ for the new year.

Let’s have a chat about affirmations and self-reflection – Powerful habits to build which bear so many positive benefits, spinning your negative thoughts into much healthier ones…

What are affirmations?

Affirmations are positive statements. Often, this is a mindful living practice with the use of affirmation cards. I personally like to see these as prompts; starting points to productive, healthy conversation and self-reflection.

Increase your emotional quotient (the feelings version of IQ!), understand your state of mind and reinforce reflective habits – All super important for supporting your mental health!

This mindful method is key to developing habits of reflective thinking and using affirmations to help you overcome negative, often self-sabotaging thoughts.

Affirmation cards are also brilliant tools in recognising any behaviours that you’d prefer to change in your life, career and wider endeavours. Sure enough, a quick scroll on Pinterest will supply you with a plethora of motivational mantras; some perhaps not terribly suitable, nor enabling a focused moment of mindfulness…

So, this is where The Organised PA comes into play.

The Organised PA serves as a freelance personal or business assistant service, functioning virtually – Fantastic in this ever-increasingly digital world!

Providing both business solutions and personal services, The Organised PA put together personalised plans to suit your endeavours and needs. They support in so many ways, including in the form of diary, email and event management, finance/business admin support, and even HR solutions.

The dynamic duo behind the brand, Georgina & Ellen (both pictured above with cocktails – instantly my type of people!), put together a wonderful resource for mindfulness and effective reflection: ‘State of Mind’ affirmation & activity cards.

Georgina kindly sent me a set to peruse and I’ve absolutely loved having them to hand over the past few weeks – A trialling time for just about everyone, in and out of tiers AND tears!

How to use affirmation cards

Sometimes it can be utterly overwhelming to think of sitting down with a notebook to just… write. So, how should you start using affirmation cards and begin with these sort of empowering, reflective prompts and activities?

The Organised PA suggest you’ll reap the full benefits of affirmation cards only when you are ‘reflecting and building upon core, personal values’. They suggest aligning your focus with an affirmation which matches with your ‘global narrative’. Each of their activity cards have been carefully crafted and are a result of thorough research into which activities work best for a reflective, insightful session.

Here are just a few ideas you could use affirmations cards, based on how I’ve been adding them into my daily life. Perhaps you could try:

  • Pop a card into everyday drawers, your makeup bag, on your desk. Coming across these affirmation cards as you go about your daily routines will start to incorporate a more mindful, reflective sense upon the discovery of each hidden card.
  • When practising meditation, these cards can perform as a really great prompt or mantra. TOPA also have some wonderful printables which you could work through as part of your mindful practice.
  • Set a reminder on your phone (if you feel comfortable to involve a tech element). You could even affix your chosen ‘card of the day’ to the back of your phone case and reflect upon it in regular intervals, thanks to the handy, digital reminder.

Of course, affirmation cards, manifestation and mindfulness won’t transform you overnight! BUT, regular practice and instilling more positive, self-affirming and empowering thoughts into your mind can only be a good thing in the long run. Continue to challenge your negative thoughts!

As with delving into any sort of new, personal endeavour, you may feel as though affirmation cards come with the potential to make you feel a tad vulnerable. I highly recommend a chat with the lovely ladies of The Organised PA!

Do you have a go-to mantra? Perhaps the discussion of affirmations has led you to rethink any resolutions fuelled by negative thoughts on your mind this year? I’d be so interested to hear from you! Leave a comment below, or you can also reach out on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.

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  • Carla Corelli April 29, 2022 7:28 am

    This is a very good idea. I often use affirmations when I am feeling stressed or anxious. Thanks for bringing these cards to my attention 🙂

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