JOMO – The Joy Of Missing Out During A Pandemic

JOMO – The Joy Of Missing Out During A Pandemic

Stop the fear and channel your energy into the joy of missing out instead! Take all the positives you can from not being able to (or not wanting to!) make plans. Know that it’s totally okay to say ‘no’ and, instead, embrace all the joys from missing out during a pandemic…

As Essex & London tread carefully into Tier 2 of the Government’s lockdown plans, it’s looking to be a strange few weeks yet again. Instead of letting the feelings of loneliness and perhaps a bit of dreaded FOMO (fear of missing out) take hold, I’m trying to spin the situation on its head!

I introduce you to… The JOY of missing out! (JOMO).
I don’t really know if this is a ‘thing’ as such but I really hope I’m starting something BIG.

JOMO isn’t about declining eeeevery single social opportunity, but rather saying yes when you want to and knowing that it’s totally fine to say no.

In this digital age, it’s too easy to compare your life to some else’s social media highlights. Silently watching on as those who are able to escape the mental and physical confines of ‘lockdown’ each weekend explore a fab new restaurant or enjoy events with their friends – JOMO is embracing some simple joys of not having to be present at every opportunity. You won’t realise just how much you enjoy saying no to plans until they’re now out of bounds!

Revel in the relief of not having to attend another social gathering. Or not having to stick yet another face mask to your already-sensitive skin just for a drink at the local pub with your colleagues.

This is how to transform FOMO into JOMO…

Refocus your energy

Your health and sanity are the biggest things to be grateful for! Don’t view this time as ‘missing out’ negatively – Instead, try to view it as being able to channel your energy wholeheartedly into yourself again.

Nip out for a solo run or drag a member of your household/support bubble out to join you for a walk around a local beauty spot.

Perhaps this is a great time to detoxify your social media habits a tad. Instead, you could try tapping into one of these apps I’ve rounded up which support a better mental health balance – They’re all NHS-approved!

A Cosy Opportunity

As we gear up to the cosy seasons of autumn & winter, you just know it’s the perfect time to curl up all with a great movie. Let me know any recommendations you have!

Considering all the time we’re spending indoors of late, it’s a pretty good opportunity to eye-up a new loungewear item or two. The ‘treat yourself’ logic can TOTALLY help towards your new ‘joy of missing out’ mentality!

Perhaps you could turn your attention to tweaking your interior instead. Whether your style is more minimalist or full-blown botanical, gather some inspiration and find the joy in making some home improvements.

Never Stop Learning

Learn to embrace your own company, or learn more about those you’re sharing more time with. Learn more new skills, learn more about what you think you already know. Learn to just be still and live in the moment (Although, I totally get that this can feel frightening right now!).

Here are a few things you could learn by reading my blog posts:

The absolute JOY
of missing out

Use your time wisely, but also don’t put too much pressure on yourself to DO anything! The joy of missing out is about self-care and allowing yourself a bit time & headspace to not feel the pressure you might have felt with a FOMO/’fear of missing out’ mindset during the pandemic.

Okay, we’ve reached the end of my post on embracing the joy of missing out and I am really hoping you’re a convert!
Spin those negative feelings around and look for the positives. I know, it’s hard. But you’ve just got to keep finding those things which add a glimmer of joy and hope to each day amidst all the Corona Craziness!

How are you feeling currently? Are you positively beaming with good vibes? Let me know how you’re embracing the joy of missing out! I’ll always welcome more ideas of how to get a dose of self-care into my day so do send over your favourite ways.

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