Summer Bucket List: 25 Ideas Perfect For Creating Memories

Summer Bucket List: 25 Ideas Perfect For Creating Memories

Summer is sooo close, you can almost smell a hint of sun cream and barbecues in the air.

We wait patiently for such a long time in anticipation of the precious summer months. I know I’m not the only one who daydreams of summer whilst layering an outfit of woolly, winter jumpers and peering out of frosted windows. I’m often left wondering just when the sun will make a reappearance in our weather reports. Thankfully, I love an ominous storm or a real downpour of rain which totally works in my favour seeing as it makes up pretty much 80% of our weather in England!

Spending a lot of my ’me’ time outdoors, I’m fairly adjusted to all types of extreme weather. You can often find me at the beach, down the farm or out for a run in all weathers. Guaranteed all 3 of those are SO much better when the weather is nice outside! Whilst my life is normally jam-packed, I still try my best to make time for exciting, unusual days out and experiences for the sunny summer months. I’ve created a little summer bucket list of things which are on my agenda to squeeze into the sunny months.

If you prefer to relax and slow down a little, there are some lovely summer bucket list ideas for you to try in this post. Are you a restless adventure-craver? Don’t fear, this summer bucket list certainly doe not scrimp on those ideas for you either!

Take a read, note some into your diary and start making memories…

  • Watch a movie in the park – Go to an open-air cinema!
  • Dish up some BBQ’d treats for your friends and family, decorate the garden and have a catch up.
  • Take a walk all the way along a pier – If you’re near Essex, visit Southend for a long stroll down the pier – It’s 2nd longest in the UK or go for Walton which is 3rd longest.
  • Dress bravely and boldly – Wear a colour which wouldn’t normally make its way into your wardrobe.
  • Camp outside on a warm evening (or climb into a garden hammock!)
  • Cross a title off of your ‘to read’ list – Perfect excuse to sit back and relax in a deckchair with a book in hand.
  • Try out some funky popcorn recipes – I’m thinking jalapeño and lime would be lush!
  • Walk barefoot somewhere – Stroll along the beach, wade through luscious grass, or rock-hop through a stream
  • Toast marshmallows by the fire and whip out some sparklers for a magical evening (and Insta-worthy photos!)
  • Watch the clouds from the middle of a meadow. Cliché? Yes. Who cares? Not me!
  • Pick your own fruit at an orchard – Check what’s in season before you visit and pick up some meringues for a berry dessert.
  • Stargaze through the night. Pick somewhere dark and away from any busy towns. Watch out for a shooting star!
  • Head out on the water for a boat ride – Opt for an exhilarating rib experience along the Thames or head to Maldon in Essex for a cruise along the blackwater estuary.
  • Pick up a paintbrush and paint whatever comes into your mind. I like taking my watercolours to the beach and relaxing beside the sea.
  • Have a cheat day from your summer diet and eat something ridiculously ‘bad’ for you. We’re looking at you, slutty brownies!
  • Explore a completely new place – Venture out in your car just before sunset with the windows down and a summery playlist on the go.
  • Add a plant to your garden and tend for it, watching it grow.
  • Pop your trainers on and go out for an early morning run to catch the sunrise.
  • Dance *carefully* in a thunderstorm because all good weather has to break at some point!
  • Explore a local festival – bonus points if you don some temporary tattoos and go full-boho mode.
  • Cook stonebaked pizza – Try to use herbs grown in your garden on the pizza.
  • Walk through the woods stopping for a picnic amongst the trees.
  • Create ice lollies based on your favourite cocktails… Mine’s a strawberry daiquiri, please!
  • Play a game on the beach – Get a group of your pals together for a game of rounders, frisbee or volleyball. Your local beach might not be California but we can just pretend, right?
  • Take your mat al fresco and do some yoga outside – Ditch your yoga soundtrack in favour of the birdsong!

What have you added to your summer bucket list?

Whatever you’ve decided on trying, take full advantage of the sunny moments of summer and get out there to enjoy it.
Make each second count. Today’s moments are tomorrow’s memories so you may as well go for it!
Try something new which you’ll look back at with a smile on your face.

Let me know what you try this summer! If you have any ideas of what I can add to my own busy summer schedule, leave a comment below…

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  • Julia June 20, 2018 1:54 pm

    One thing I really regret not doing while it was summer here was going to an open air cinema! They look like so much fun.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

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