Your Guide To A Self-Care Morning Routine

Your Guide To A Self-Care Morning Routine

Don’t let your days roll into one. Add some self-care into your morning routine and take back control of time in lockdown. It’s easy with these 5 pointers…

Days, weeks and now MONTHS easily blur into one, thanks to lockdown. I’ve been utilising my mornings with a routine to ensure time doesn’t run away without me! Taking moments for myself in the form of self-care, trying to maintain a positive mind and setting out some regular, daily things to tick off of a list each morning has been really helpful.

I’ve written about a few of these below in hopes they might help in you’re also feeling the need for some self-care in your morning routine! There’s a saying that “self-care isn’t selfish” and as a real campaigner for wellness, I just want to reiterate – Don’t feel bad taking time for yourself.

Start with positivity

Begin a fresh day on the right foot. There’s no better way than with your favourite playlist of songs to get you in your BEST mood. What gets you going? Be it a throwback track, mellow ballad, some skanky DnB or a poppy song you’ve had stuck in your head thanks to TikTok (no judgement, we’ve all been there).

Further those positive vibes with some meditation, writing in a journal (think ‘what am I grateful for today?’) – It’s all about nailing your mindset for the day ahead. The rest will follow…


Get Moving

I’m not about to get all Mr Motivator on you but seriously, get moving. It’ll feel so much better to tick off your list before your day begins, as early as you can! I’ve been getting up and smashing some workouts. Then I’m safe in the knowledge the rest of my day is free. Get your body going for atleast 30 minutes in the morning and that serotonin boost will see you through the rest of the day. Do a virtual stretch & flow class or go for a wander around your neighbourhood to gently awaken your muscles.


Rainbow Fuel

Your body will be needing nutrients after the overnight fast of sleep – Energy to power you through whatever the day brings. A good way of thinking is ‘RAINBOW’… Skittles for breakfast?! Aim for one fruit or veg from every colour of the rainbow! Your new self-care morning routine is basically the perfect time to nail that Buddha bowl. From my point of view, smoothies totally count. They’re my personal go-to!

I’m not great at this one… My friends often wonder how it’s possible to forget to eat or skip meals but I find it just too easy! Though I like to think I’m getting better at this one (hallelujah!).


Step Up Your Skincare

Take an icy morning shower or opt for a warm soak in the bath – Whatever does it for you! Pop some salts in for a relaxing bathe and combine with your favourite face mask for extra self-care points. I love the L’Oréal Paris Pure-Clay Masks in particular. For a soothing option (perfect for Sensitive skin too), go for the green Eucalyptus mask! Click here to find which mask is best for your skin.


Calling all wannabe morning people! Have a read of my ‘how to’ guide NOW.


Set The Scene

Our interiors play a massive part in our wellbeing. After breakfast and working out, set the self-care scene in your home. Calm the air with a candle or a room fragrance. Grab a nice texture to cosy up with (alpaca wool for me!) and read a book or the morning’s news under a dimmed light to ease your eyes in – Even better if you catch the sun rising! For an extra dose of self-care, choose some super soft socks to complete the cosy morning routine.


Tomorrow is a new day, so get yourself a plan sorted now and have a great morning tomorrow! Set those intentions, start with a good frame of mind and the rest will follow. I hope you have a great week, that these pointers help and you make it through as many days in Lockdown with a smile on your face.

If you’re looking for something to fill the rest of your day, let’s go armchair travelling and explore the world from the comfort (and safety?!) of our homes.

Stay safe, healthy and smiling!

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