5 Things: Clinique Skin Saviours

5 Things: Clinique Skin Saviours

It goes without saying, Clinique products are staples in my skincare routines! Here are the skin saviour items that you MUST go for if you’re looking for tried & tested products to add into your regime…

I personally have quite dry, sensitive skin; it makes for a tricky battle when trying new products and hunting through pages of recommendations. When I look through my makeup bag, there’s a lot of Clinique; It could be down to the range of products on offer or the fact I find it particularly soothing, suiting my skin perfectly. The brand has certainly developed some skin saviours, that’s for sure!

Now, I’ve been a lover of Clinique for as long as I can remember, and you should know this post isn’t paid or sponsored! Everything featured here is a real-life regular of my routines.

Have fun reading through and selecting your next Clinique skin saviour to try…


Moisture Surge

Often hailed the ultimate wonder products from Clinique, their Moisture Surge ranges really are something. They’re incredibly hydrating, smooth and super soothing, all without being greasy. Undeniably a ‘must try’ skincare staple, the activated aloe vera in Clinique’s Moisture Surge products makes them a personally tried-and-tested skin saviour from my point of view too! There are a LOT of products to explore in the Moisture Surge range… Here’s the moisturiser to get you started.


Anti Blemish Solutions BB Cream

Fantastic for a light coverage, I swear by this BB cream in summer especially. Despite being packed with SPF40, it doesn’t feel greasy or heavy like some other BB creams and the bottle always goes a long way for me. I personally prefer the Anti Blemish option of Clinique’s BB creams as it suits my skin so well! Click here to read up on this product.


Take The Day Off Balm

Spend a few moments smoothing this balm into your face and watch as your makeup just melts off, taking all of the stress of the day with it! I was a bit hesitant trying this as it felt counter-productive to put oil on my face to remove makeup and natural oils… BUT! The entire ‘Take The Day Off’ range is so soothing with noncomedogenic Safflower Seed Oil, meaning it won’t clog your pores. Look out for the bottle designed especially for removing eye makeup; it’s ophthalmologically tested. Check out these products here!


Anti-Blemish Solutions Foundation

This is my absolute favourite! It’s what I recommend to my friends when they say they’re looking to change their foundation, especially if they’ve got concerns about potential break-outs from a new product. The formula is light and not oily, making for a natural finish. Whilst there aren’t a huge range of shades available on the inclusivity front, there’ll hopefully be one to suit your complexion. You can browse the anti-blemish range here, including the foundation!


Chubby Lip Colours

These are just so easy to throw into a bag and add a quick slick of colour to your lips. I find them super moisturising too which is refreshing compared to normal lipsticks which tend to sap my lips of any life. Check out the array of colours on offer here.

Whether you’re new to Clinique or have dabbled with their products before, I totally recommend you also check out their other offerings such as the lash definition and high impact mascaras, bronzers and powders, jelly moisturisers, overnight surge mask, face washes, toners, and lip liners. I’ve also got a Vitamin C Fresh Pressed daily booster to try in the coming weeks!

If, like me, you’re into all things wellbeing, do check out this category on my blog! Don’t forget that great skin is also thanks to staying hydrated… That sounds like a pretty reasonable excuse to choose yourself a new, chic water bottle. AND what better way to start your day than with some mindful skincare routines?!

Are you familiar with Clinique or any of the products I’ve shared above? Maybe you’re now thinking of trying something new! What are you go-to brands and products? Bonus points if they’re for dry skin sufferers!

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